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SO, Grand Theft Audio used to be without cameras, We called it "radio" Here are many of the radio episode descriptions...

Episode 001: July 9, 2009
Released Jul 10, 2009
Hey this is Jake, Brant, and Carl, join us for our Debut show on latalkradio.com. Join us for our first in studio guest La radio legend Frazer Smith. We cover celebrity deaths, Sotamayor, Al Franken, High School reunions, D.U.I's and Jake and Carl review BRUNO.

Episode 002: July 16, 2009
ReleasedJul 17, 2009
Jag Officers, Gold Farming, Illegal aliens, Obama, the gayness of UFC, and the premiere of V****a news. What more could you ask for? Maybe a drop in from Sheena Metal?

Episode 003: July 23, 2009
ReleasedJul 24, 2009
Comedian Bret Ernst comes in and we talk about Pro Wrestling, racial relations, a 23 Quadrillion dollar pack of cigarettes, and brothel discounts. In the second half we are joined by Douglass Klaif from crazysports.org who tells us how we can feel like kids again. Shaq, Beerfest, and monkey burglars are all skewered this week.

Episode 004: July 30, 2009
ReleasedJul 31, 2009
Late night with Conan O’Brian writer Brian Stack spends an hour in the G.T.A. zone talking Czars, Obamacare, Scientology, stoned dogs, horrible bosses (No not Conan, but Brian does tell us a few good stories from the set.), swapping cigarettes for candy, Chinese News Party, Brant and Carl review Funny people.

Episode 005: August 6, 2009
ReleasedAug 07, 2009
What does this mean? "Shwa I.D.K chillaxing deep in the skrilla, those belidge didiots are not very Obama. Don’t have fomo on that booty call mufintop Mija, I destroyed no epic fail papi chulo up in my biznatch with the eargasm" Listen and Jake will break it down for you. In the studio this week Comedian and SVU writer Mick Betancourt joins as we discuss Clinton Saving the day, Cash for Clunkers crud, and learn how the Federal Government can own your computer or even send its information to foreign countries. A G.I. Joe sight unseen review. And more!

Episode 006: August 13, 2009
ReleasedAug 14, 2009
Live in studio Ny Times top 10 best seller our Guest Former Lead Guitarist for the rock gods KORN, Brian "Head" Welch with his insane life story, Clothes making the criminal, and an INSANE Breakup you half to hear about. A call in review from Kevin Uhrich Editor of the Pasadena Weekly, Carl got to see District 9 early, he tells us if it is worth your 11 dollars, V****a News, and more

Episode 007: August 20, 2009
ReleasedAug 21, 2009
Live in studio Super Popular Iranian-American comic Maz Jobrani a Review of the Flaming Lips, Inglorious Basterds, Elvis Costello, and another Chinese news party.

Episode 008: August 27, 2009
ReleasedAug 28, 2009
Czars, Appalo Alliance, Cash for Clunkers, shadow operations, Media localization, and more. Also live in studio Super Popular L A club band Warner Drive's Jonny and Albert. Brant starts or review of The Txc Comedy show, Jake tells us about Spamalot, Carl makes us jealous getting to take a few swings on the field at Dodger Stadium.

Episode 009: September 3, 2009
ReleasedSep 04, 2009
Our first two hour show brings us 3 guests. Lorena Meza, Comedians Daryl Wright and Tom Clark We went on a Zeppelin ride throughwww.airshipventures.com . Reviews of TheRoom, Worlds Greatest Dad, a Def Leopard -Poison -Cheap trick Concert. V****a News, Chinese news and more.

Episode 010: September 10, 2009
ReleasedSep 11, 2009
Peabody Award Winner and Emmy Nominee Debi Gutierrez joins us as we talk Van Jones, Caz Sunstein, Obama’s healthcare Speech, How long it takes to earn a Big Mac, Ellen D’s new gig, Why you should pee in your shower, Fritz Coleman’s stalker, the MDA telethon, and a few surprises along the way.

Episode 011: September 17, 2009
ReleasedSep 18, 2009
Brian Scolaro hilariously takes his turn in the G.T.A. zone. Carl and Jake go over the finer points of Michael Moore’s new Flick Capitalism A Love Story, the 9-12 project, Wrestlers in politics, the GTA Mother Of The Year Award, Stupid Criminals, Animal News, we also shed light on THE WORST EXCUSE EVER.

Episode 012: September 24, 2009
ReleasedSep 25, 2009
How many Germans want the wall back? Listen and find out. Of course you will also get to catch the ultra funny Bo“Bald Eagle”Clark on this weeks show. Obama, Acorn, Van Jones, newspaper bailouts, Sunday morning talk show marathons, and in Chinese News Party an all time awesome group assassination attempt. Oh its on! “Whip It with Lorena Meza a Surrogates review by Brant and Carl, Jake takes us to a Weezer concert. Dangers for parents and how you can control Kurt Cobain!

Episode 013: October 1, 2009
ReleasedOct 02, 2009
Comedy superstar Kyle Cease gives us 5 live in studio, Jake sings Obama’s praises, Student Indoctrination, The Obama dildo, a journey down Iran’s rivers of Qum, Tory "Magoo" Christman 30 year member of Scientology comes in and talks to us about Xenu, ZombielandReview. Listen now!

Episode 014: October 8, 2009
ReleasedOct 09, 2009
The Greg Wilson brings big laughs. Baltazar Fedalizo on the importance of living green, and Lorena Meza talks Triathlons, eating contests, and sitcom casting changes. The day America attacked the moon, Ever heard of body mites? Summer Olympic Bummer for Obama, Why the Dali lama really was snubbed , Carl gets scared by Jigsaw on his trip to Universal Horror Nights, Jake and Brant regale us with their trip to Disneyland during Halloween time. PLUS- Who is getting raped in jail this week?

Episode 015: October 15, 2009
ReleasedOct 16, 2009
Rob Rutt teaches us the advantages of getting married in jail(its not only the conjical visits), comedian Mike Marino really brings the goods. The Debut of Ludwik Kozlowski's Jobfair #5, Obama’s Noble Prize EPIC FAIL, Bernie Madoff’s prison scrap, Brant counters Marge Simpson in Playboy, What not to do if someone steals your marijuana plants, and probably the grossest marathon story ever. Where The Wild Things Are, Couples Retreat, and Paranormal Activity get reviewed, and Jake gets super pissed at Carl over Blink 182. It’s a riot.

Episode 016: October 22, 2009
ReleasedOct 23, 2009
The Aftermath of the Kyle Ceese Comedy Bootcamp, Which member of Frangela had Carl’s baby? And who do they think will win Celebrity Apprentice? And learn about Valley Community Hospital, FREE OBAMA MONEY in Detroit! FOX NEWS is defended for once, Whats the Opposite of transparency? We actually saw Gentlemen Broncos! Is that a good thing? Listen and find out now.

Episode 017: October 29, 2009
ReleasedOct 30, 2009
NO CARL! Whatever shall we do? Luckily we have Don Friesen coming into the studio to do some time with us. Our adventures with Kevin Smith. Jake reviews the U2 concert. Insane Senator Alan Grayson, What would your name be in Spanish?

Episode 018: November 5, 2009
ReleasedNov 06, 2009
The Hilarious Emmy award Winner Anthony Griffith, Owner of the Ice House Bob Fisher live in Studio Tells us which Comedian he was wrongest on. Our review of This Is It, V, And don’t miss Jake’s take on gay Marriage, and an Advertising accident.

Episode 019: November 12, 2009
ReleasedNov 13, 2009
Obama’s Fort Hood Speech Analysis, Joey Blaney of Dead Blonde Girlfriend was cool enough to come by and get in the middle of another Jake and Carl fight over Carl’s 29,000 Dollar Challenge (insert bells and whistles)

Episode 020: November 19, 2009
ReleasedNov 20, 2009
Big Hollywood.com’s Jon Nolte calls in to talk with us about a Facebook status fight that spilled over to their site and a few others. One of the Merry Wives of Comedy Roz Brown talks with us about the Stripper mobile on the Vegas Strip

Episode 021: November 26, 2009
ReleasedNov 27, 2009
Thanksgiving Just Brant and Jake reminiscing about the good times.

Episode 022: December 3, 2009
ReleasedDec 04, 2009
Carl’s back from his Thanksgiving sabbatical One of Americas preeminent conservative comics Evan Sayet comes by the studio and gives a history lesson one of the most interesting people on the planet- Author Jay North takes us on an Adventure with Walter and pubic hair wigs.

Episode 023: December 10, 2009
ReleasedDec 11, 2009
Just listen to hear Rus Gutin, that’s it, sure there are other funny stuff going on, but Rus is worth the price of admission alone. We are blessed with the presence of comedy legend Mo Gaffney tells us of a time when she found Tommy Chong’s stash. Reviews of Invictus, Crazy Heart and Big Fan.

Episode 024: December 17, 2009
ReleasedDec 18, 2009
Traffic, holiday madness, and all the stresses of the season leads to a laid back week, Carl gets slapped in the face, Jake drinks away all his problems, What do we think about the 3D movies galore? We review Larger Than Life Dave Matthews and Avatar.

Episode 025: December 24, 2009
ReleasedDec 25, 2009
The first 2/3rds of the Grand Theft Audio best of Show. Merry Christmas!

Episode 026: December 31, 2009
ReleasedJan 01, 2010
We finally get to exchange our Christmas gifts, it has been 2 weeks since we were last all together, Hope everything goes ok as we count down the biggest stories from the year and the Decade with the girls from the Show. Also the last 1/3 of the Grand Theft Audio Best of Show. Happy New Years!

Episode 027: January 7, 2010
ReleasedJan 08, 2010
This week on "Grand Theft Audio: The Jake, Brant & Carl Show" we have MATT WALSH of the legendary UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE and a zillion other comedy roles including the doctor in "The Hangover!" The underwear bomber, who should be scammed at the airport, and the shows favorite guest, Rus Gutin!

Episode 028: January 14, 2010
ReleasedJan 15, 2010
WHAMBAMTHANKYOUMAM! Tonight's "GRAND THEFT AUDIO" IS MEGA FRICKIN' HUGE!!! Massive media mogul ANDREW BREITBART - the hipper younger American Rupert Murdoch - and the cast of "MYSTERY TEAM" (named one of the 10 hottest movies of 2010 by numerous movie sites) are on! Also jake attempts to sell Carl's soul to the devil.

Episode 029: January 21, 2010
ReleasedJan 22, 2010
Jimmy Brogan, Jay Leno's best friend joins us and dishes Jays feelings about the late night madness. Sketch Armstrongs Adam Gropman is live in studio with thoughts on smelly people and medical marijuana. A review of Obama's 1st year in office, the first death linked to Avatar and the long awaited return of v****a news.

Episode 030: January 28, 2010
ReleasedJan 29, 2010
We discuss the socialist shortcomings in the State Of The Union. This weeks guests include the longest running World Heavyweight Champion in Pro Wrestling History, Brunno Sammartino, 1 half of the best tag team in history, Road Warrior Animal, the voice of Spongebob Squarepants, Tom Kenny & a hemp expert to fill you in on the fastest way we can change and grow our economy.

Episode 031: February 4, 2010
ReleasedFeb 05, 2010
Carl gets a retooling by Mystery, star of VH1's the pickup artist. Mystery tells us the ways to get anyone we want, listen and you will learn too. Oscar predictions for our resident expert Carl and guesses at best by Jake and Brant. One of the best moments ever on the show with award winning story teller extrordinaire lepracanno Antonio Sacre regales us with tales from the strip club.

Episode 032: February 11, 2010
ReleasedFeb 12, 2010
Global warming brings us snow days in Washington and leave us with very little political news this week, so we head off to wacky land. Live in studio Al Delbenny makes fun of buses, hot cock vs cold cock, his new porcelain teeth, MJ's autopsy report and bottles of urine. We cover the sexiest songs of all time for Valentine's Day. Christopher Cook, founder of modern conservative calls in for some of the wacky fun. Also we have our very 1st media Interview read it and let us know what you think http://tiny.cc/bEvBO write us here-grandtheftaudioradio@yahoo.com

Episode 033: February 18, 2010
ReleasedFeb 19, 2010
Analysis of Evan Bayh's retirement, Kevin Smith's fat behind getting kicked off a plane, hemp expert Greg Anderson discusses Obama's nuclear ambitions and an alternative that is so much safer. Comedy superstar Ron Pierson rakes Jake over the coals for waiting 8 years to propose. We also savage the new We are the World- scandalous. Join our Facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=90059890382

Episode 034: February 25, 2010
ReleasedFeb 26, 2010
Jake's theory of where Obama's true loyalties lay. Also very entertaining guests live in studio. One of the more intriguing young talents in Hollywood, Camille Solari, star of Boston Girls, shows the guys that they could use a female touch in the studio also director of the outrageous film Birdemic- Shock and Terror. James Nguyen. Never listened before? Start with this one. follow us @www.twitter.com/grandtheftaudio

Episode 035: March 4, 2010
ReleasedMar 05, 2010
It's the start of MARCH MADNESS ON "GRAND THEFT AUDIO!" Guests: New Yorker mag film critic Stephen Farber about the Oscars, Chris Hardwick of G4TVs Web Soup and Singled out fame and UPRIGHT CITIZENS BRIGADE comedic geniuses MATT WALSH AND IAN ROBERTS OF THE NEW SPIKE TV SITCOM "PLAYERS"! Please subscribe on iTunes it really helps us and you wont miss a second of the action.

Episode 036: March 11, 2010
ReleasedMar 12, 2010
March madness carries on as Dominick and DC of Derrick Comedy come in to regale us with stories from the set of their new movie Mystery Team. Mad TV star Matt Braunger also joins us live as he talks about how he got his start and debuting a track of his new Comedy Album. Oscar coverage, Carl's trip to hawaii and so much more.

Episode 037: March 18, 2010
ReleasedMar 19, 2010
The brash and Hilarious Sam Trippoli takes us through the third week of march madness Health care reform!!! Yeah!! For all my happy(read liberal) freinds- We congratulate you on your long fought/sought victory. I know that this "Holy Grail" plan sounds amazing right now. Yeah! We can get sick! Or bust a spleen! Or any other horrible thing that we can think of that will happen to us! But what do WE think about it?

Episode 038: March 25, 2010
ReleasedMar 26, 2010
March madness wraps up with OUR BIGGEST GUEST EVER! - CARLOS MENCIA!!!! No more info needed, but Jake does ask Carlos if he likes Fish Sticks. Also new music from Spirit Math and the Big Joe Hurt Band.

Episode 039: April 1, 2010
ReleasedApr 02, 2010
We have a t**d in the punchbowl with a California Gubernatorial debate. Who’s the biggest goober?

Episode 040: April 8, 2010
ReleasedApr 09, 2010
New York Times best seller Author Christopher Moore to talk his new book Bite! A love Story!, and Camille Solari(Boston Girls) in for the whole show. Will be fun.

Episode 041: April 15, 2010
ReleasedApr 16, 2010
Special guest comic Tom Clark of CBS' "Late Late Show", plus a hilarious rip on Tax Day, a wild discussion of the scandalous Oprah Winfrey biography, and rambunctious reviews of the films "Kick Ass" and "Death at a Funeral."

Episode 042: April 22, 2010
ReleasedApr 23, 2010
"Grand Theft Audio" had its greatest guests EVER - CHEECH AND CHONG! What more do you need to know? Oh yeah, a great interview with a hilarious new filmmaker as well as with director JOSH GILBERT of the new doc "A/K/A Chong" revealing never-before-told stories about the real Tommy Chong! That, and V****a News, Chinese News, and a whole lot of other sick stuff!

Episode 043: April 29, 2010
ReleasedApr 30, 2010
Legendary LA comical figure and surreal tour guide CHARLES PHOENIX and masterful comedy teacher/hilarious comic herself BOBBIE OLIVER come on the show in addition to rip-roaring reflections on the week's news!

Episode 044: May 6, 2010
ReleasedMay 07, 2010
A historic and (mostly) serious interview with the biggest crack dealer in US history, "FREEWAY" RICKY ROSS and former Blood turned Emmy-winning ABC newsman JOHN "APPOLLO" PAYNE discuss the history of crack and gang wars, their redemptions, and what it's like to spend 15 hours straight counting money. Plus, we take on the Times Square terrorist, get greasy about the BP oil spill and discuss why it might be embarrassing to have your small pecker show up in a TSA X-ray machine at the airport.

Episode 045: May 13, 2010
ReleasedMay 14, 2010
Award-winning international news photographer Catherine Bauknight shared wild stories from adventures everywhere from China’s Tianenmen Square to Hawaii, the US Capitol and beyond – while one of America’s absolute funniest comics, Bret Ernst, returned to rip on how insane the world keeps getting.

Episode 046: May 20, 2010
ReleasedMay 21, 2010
Lord Save Us from Your Followers” writer/director/star _____ and the return of the hilarious Al Del Bene, who helped us break down the week’s wackiest stories in one of our funniest interviews ever.

Episode 047: May 27, 2010
ReleasedMay 28, 2010
Joie Blaney and a breakdown of the craziest stories of the week thanks to the LA Express sleaze paper, and a way too frank discussion of possibly-gay teachers from our high school pasts.

Episode 048: June 3, 2010
ReleasedJun 04, 2010
Comedy legend Bobcat Goldthwait is now a red-hot writer/director, but he took the time to get crazy with us. Also, the brilliant comic Paul Provenza discussed his new book "Satiristas!", his new Showtime series "Green Room", and the state of comedy with us, while sultry Southerner Julie Rae Jeffers told us all about her crazy new music and comedy show

Episode 049: June 10, 2010
ReleasedJun 11, 2010
Our first network TV prime-time star, comic Tom Papa of NBC’s "The Marriage Ref", came on to discuss his trying to save comically mismatched couples and his own bizarre friendship with metal rocker Rob Zombie.

Episode 050: June 17, 2010
ReleasedJun 18, 2010
Wildly popular comic and raconteur Eddie Pepitone of "the Sarah Silverman Show", "Cousin Oliver" of the "Brady Bunch" Robbie Rist drops by to discuss child actors and the Gary Coleman tragedy, and comedian Shang helps us reel in his 1.5 million fans!

Episode 051: June 24, 2010
ReleasedJun 25, 2010
Hilarious comic Tony Rock and "Lethal Weapon" writer/creator Shane Black, one of the most reclusive people in Hollywood, graces our studio! This is a catch!!!

Episode 052: July 1, 2010
ReleasedJul 02, 2010
No Carl this week, but we do have Steven Crowder from FOX News's Red Eye. The adventures of the incredible a*****e Pete Stark, the pledge of Allegiance, toad People, Lebron James's decision, UFC drama, a review of The last Airbender.

Episode 053: July 8, 2010
ReleasedJul 09, 2010
WTF podcast host Marc Maron hangs with us and talks about getting anally raped by the earth, and why he never made it onto Saturday Night Live. Brian Fuller in to discuss the upcoming elections, Lebron James decision announced, those good damned Vuvuzuelas.

Episode 054: July 15, 2010
ReleasedJul 16, 2010
Ladies and Gents blessing us with his presence tonight is actor, producer crazy maverick independent film maker- Mr. Ford Austin. Also the long awaited return of Rus Gutin back from his tour of the east coast talks with us about Lilo going to jail, anger of the Village People with YMCA changing its name, bp's oil spill and so much more.

Episode 055: July 22, 2010
ReleasedJul 23, 2010
America's top storyteller, Michael McCarthy, tells a funny story and plugs the National Storyteller's Conference! We drop some tracks from the Useless Keys and Maureen Davis from the Flutterbies calls in to pimp out our first live show. Carl takes us on a sincere apology for a massage with Al Gore. Also while you have a sec, check out our newest supporter at College Launch.

Episode 056: July 29, 2010
ReleasedJul 30, 2010
We had Owen Smith from Everybody Hates Chris and Cordell "Joker" Pace along with the folks from The Blue Seal, And Naked Horror by Gothic Films on the show this week, take it from us, we love you. Also while you have a sec, check out our newest supporter at Linden Optometry.

Episode 057: August 5, 2010
ReleasedAug 06, 2010
The wrap up of our first live show. Joie Blaney hangs almost the whole episode and Sam Tripoli brings in Chubby Chan attempting to get his virginity plucked on the Naughty Show tour. Brant calls in this week, so go to his Facebook and say Hi.

Episode 058: August 12, 2010
ReleasedAug 13, 2010
Don't fight the pimpin as Grand Theft Audio brings you the best of all worlds. Probably our most disjointed interview ever as we bring you Michael Kwame the founder of Funny or Die. Also the story of the greatest job abandonment ever. Wont you listen? As always we are thankful to out sponsors, if you need a housing lawyer in the LA area check out Phillip Koebel.

Episode 059: August 19, 2010
ReleasedAug 20, 2010
The hilarious RON PEARSON of "The Drew Carey Show", "That '70s Show" and Craig Ferguson, PLUS the fabulously funny guitar comedy of SCOTT VINCI!!! Thinking about a vacation? Check out Rainbow Tarns Bed And Breakfast.

Episode 060: August 26, 2010
ReleasedAug 27, 2010
Jake is a jive soul bros this week on GRAND THEFT AUDIO - TONIGHT SHOW REGULAR MIKE MARINO! Holy Crap is this guy funny! We speculate on tiger Woods future, the DEA hiring an Ebonics(African American English) translator. Also a crank call goes waaaay to far, hope we are still alive for another show next week. Thanks Carl! While you have a sec, check out our newest unofficial supporter at Legends Barbershop.

Episode 061: September 2, 2010
ReleasedSep 03, 2010
Tonight on GRAND THEFT AUDIO we have the actress who played the funniest child villain in TV history, Nellie Oleson of "Little House on the Prairie." - ALISON ARNGRIM!!! Also JOHNNY SANCHEZ from MAD TV tells us what he gets mistaken for in Israel.YOU CAN"T MISS THIS!!!

Episode 062: September 9, 2010
ReleasedSep 10, 2010
Our first show on New Dissident Radio. Awesome first time guest with Ian Edwards (Def Comedy Jam twice, Show Time at the Apollo, PUNK'D, writer on The Boondocks) And the GTA crew cover the Quran non-burning, Sexual Monopoly, Rodney Kings love life, the California Governor's race and so much more. 

January 12, 2012
Another classic episode of the Most Dangerous Show on Radio, as we hear MICHAEL ALEXANDER, one of the heads of the Pasadena branch of the Tea Party - one of Americas first and biggest Tea Parites - as he breaks through the stereotypes against them and handicaps the 2012 presidential race; then veteran star comic LENNY SCHMIDT tells us hilarious tales of dating after divorce and the dangers he faces as a father whose daughter just got her period at age 10 (!!!), and our all-time #1 guest RUS GUTIN comes in with LUKE CURRY to pay tribute to the late great ANGELO BOWERS
January 5, 2012
We rip Rick Santorum a new one, have the mindblowingly classy and funny experience of comedy legend Emo Philips live into studio as he performs with Russian cellist the "Brad Pitt of Classical Music" RUSLAN BIRYUKOV (the "Sexiest Cellist Alive"). We discuss the etiquette of bum BBQs and how you can get your head cut off for complaining about your brisket. And we also have one of the funniest dudes in the world Sam Tripoli joining us to pay tribute to the late great ANGELO BOWERS, as well as ways you can help Josh Adam Meyers in his recovery . I dare you to find a funnier, more insightful show with three better guests. F U you cant do it and you know it. #roaddog
December 29, 2011
Happy New Year GTA celebrates by presenting the BEST of Rus Gutin on Grand Theft Audio Radio. Back again next week with all new episodes.
December 22, 2011
Veteran character actor Stephen Tobolowsky (Ned Ryerson from "Groundhog Day" and one of Hollywood's greatest storytellers), comic Dave Ross of "Holy F**k" and rising comic Virginia Jauregu
December 15, 2011
The Christmas countdown continues with the ever funny comic MARIA SHEHATA and from the "For the Record: John Hughes (Holiday Road)" show, Crybaby and Rock Of Ages, Broadway Star James Snyder!
December 8, 2011
It's the Happiest time of year and we kick it off with three merry guests. Comedy Central and Chelsea Lately star the incomparable Jo Koy teaches us about and chimes in on the difficult process of cleaning up after anal sex. Next the plumbing exploits and rainbow disappointments with Bo "Bald Eagle" Clark and we at least tried to keep it clean with popular Catholic pop culture blogger/screenwriter/media guru BARBARA NICOLOSI HARRINGTON! We failed, but we tried. Cheap plug: come and see us live in Santa Monica Dec. 17th. Tix here
November 17, 2011
Clint Howard. Yeah that Clint Howard. Also rocking out, the infamous (only in Jake's mind) Bobbie Oliver gang bang story gets relayed to Bobbie Oliver!
November 10, 2011
All time favorite music guest JOIE BLANEY OF DEAD BLONDE GIRLFRIEND, and the Right Wing Sex Machine TRAVIS COHEN, plus an OCCUPY LA LEADER
November 3, 2011
Wise up people. It's time to get serious about your listening choices. I mean this episode has Merrill Markoe, co creator of Late Night With David Letterman and the brains behind "Stupid Pet Tricks" She is also the Author of the brilliant new book of Essays "Cool, Calm and Contentious" Bulls-eye. If that wasn't enough for your freeloading ass, we also present to you in the glorious clarity that only STEREO can provide, the always dashing Paul F. Tompkins, discussing Occupy Wall St., the challenge of editing a comedy special and why he put his at one time trademarked drink down. Now download this shit and get the tissues.
October 27, 2011
This weeks "GRAND THEFT AUDIO," is a blockbuster! Former "SNL" head writer, Second City legend, Funny or Die co-creator, writer-director of comedy classics "Anchorman," "Talladega Nights", "Step Brothers" and "The Other Guys" ADAM MCKAY with "Anchorman" costar and fellow comedy legend DAVID KOECHNER!!! PLUS the hilarious JACKIE KASHIAN of "Dork Forest"!
October 20, 2011
HEAR TWO OF AMERICAS" FUNNIEST STORYTELLING COMEDIANS ON "GRAND THEFT AUDIO" as we welcome LAUREN WEEDMAN (Daily Show, HUNG and tons of solo shows!) and BRIAN FRAZER ("HYPER-Chondriac" the best selling book and hilarious show)!
October 13, 2011
THIS WEEK ON "GRAND THEFT AUDIO" - TWO WORLD CLASS GUESTS: NYT Best-selling superstar author DENISE HAMILTON and NEAL BRENNAN - Co-creator of "Chappelle's Show,' writer director of "Half Baked" and "The Goods," major player in Funny or Die and host of a kickass live comedy show
October 6, 2011
THIS WEEK ON "GRAND THEFT AUDIO" it's Comedy Champions Night! We have "Star Search" comedy champion JOHN ROY and "Last Comic Standing" champ ALONZO BODDEN. Occupy Wall St., Steve Jobs and lots more discussed.
September 29, 2011
"You guys must all be single, and you must love smoking pot." TIME MAGAZINE HUMORIST JOEL STEIN "I would never stop listening to your show, ever, and it has everything you possibly need to know." and THE WORLDS GREATEST PARTY CRASHER, REX REGINALD!
September 22, 2011
Hear Howard Stern Show contest winner Rachel Butera describe Chaz Bono's Nipples, her new project with writer Jerrod Cardwell. Project Runway's Tim Gunn told Carl he is a fashion dont. Why Eddie Pepitone thinks the Kardashians should die. All this and way way more.
September 15, 2011
SID VEDA OF NBC's "OUTSOURCED" and two of Ominpop's hottest rising comedy stars: COOPER BARNES and HENRY DITTMA! Listen and laugh!
September 8, 2011
One of the founders of the legendary UCB, MATT WALSH!
September 1, 2011
It is not your dinner time! Carl doesn't bring enough egg rolls for all of us, so how does that go? Find out with Jarred Cardwell (Effin With Tonight) & Matt Champagne(Will and Grace, soooo many commercials) dang good episode.
August 25, 2011
The brilliant and beautiful Australian comic Jackie Loeb comes in and talks about culture shock, Paul Hogan, and more. But before that Jay Johnstone, World Champion LA Dodger shares stories from his prank filled career.
August 18, 2011
Barry Rothbart (Comedy Death Ray) talks about dolphin rapes, Carl leaves early for some dickhead reason. We prepared squat this week so...enjoy.

August 11, 2011
You CANNOT miss this week's "Grand Theft Audio"! MICHAEL RAPAPORT riffing fast on his movie "Beats Rhymes & Life" and all things hip hop, plus SAM TRIPOLI of "Craig Ferguson" fame sharing his outrageous rules for dating and parenting, and BOB GRAY, the man with a Hollywood story so crazy you've just gotta hear it to believe!
August 4, 2011
The ridiculously beautiful Marie Lynn fills us in on what its likes to be stalked and Luke Curry II tears it up with so much rad stuff, we cant even begin to get into it all here, so we wont. Just listen.
July 28, 2011
Its a TEXAS vs Canada AOF Showdown with the Twitchy Dolphin Flix crew of James Christopher and the lovely and talented Stephanie Dunbar VS. the beautiful Sandy Kellerman, and Director/Pirate Mike Donis. How does award winning writer/director Kely McClung fit into this? Better listen to find out.
July 21, 2011
Did you read about us last month in the LA Times? the legendary JIMMY DORE goes on a journey with us and I think we all learned a little.
July 14, 2011
TONIGHT ON "GRAND THEFT AUDIO"Hear the astounding BRENT WEINBACH take on the 8bit video game challenge!  AND the hottest new animation creator in Hollywood- JERROD CARDWELL!
July 7, 2011
Nick Rutherford and Sean Conroy mess with us on lots of topics as New Dissident Radio moves to it's new studios and with no Carl it is up to Jake and Brant to sniff the awesome new space out.
June 30, 2011
Bacon Flavored lube, Devils jumping babies, 10 year old mothers, North Korea's new education plan, Chris Hanson sex cheat, Shakespeare smoking weed, sex changes, breast milk defenses and more get ripped apart on this weeks GTA along with guests
June 23, 2011
Follow up on Carl's one man show "Asleep At The Wheel." MOTH host and story telling extrordinaire Matteson Perry puts up with our hangover from our HUGE charity event.
June 16, 2011
Petering out Wieners, anarchistic Canadians, Shaq's sex tapes, the new black Kato and more as Chicago star comic Tim Joyce stops by to talk about what it is like to direct our absent Carl in his one man show. Kyle Cease brings a new friend to GTAR that gets her first chance to be broadcast anywhere. 
June 9, 2011
At Grand Theft Audio Radio (Read more bout us here----> http://lat.ms/GTARLATIMES) it's all Weiners, almost all the time anyways, so comparitivly we barely even talked about dongers at all this week. Also we have RYAN STOUT ("Conan," "Chelsea Lately") and comedian/former congressional candidate/Internet guru, bighollywood/government comedian and Congressional candidate ARI DAVID!
June 2, 2011
Hear one of our great live audience shows, From April 19th @ the Improv Comedy Lab its GTA LIVE with BRENT WEINBACH, MELINDA HILL, and "CONAN" WRITERS BRIAN KILEY and BRIAN MCCANN. It's a riot up in here. Also checkoutwww.grandtheftaudioradio.com for info on our upcoming live shows.
May 26, 2011
All our guests must have been raptured (is that a verb) cause we go it alone in this unchanged world. Actually if you just like us, this is an excellent show. Plug Plug Plug! GET READY FOR THE COMEDY EVENT OF THE SUMMER!!! "Grand Theft Audio Presents The Hookup: Covenant House"! Wed., June 22 at 8 pm at Laugh Factory, we host a comedy throwdown for the nation's largest teen runaway program starring CHRISTOPHER TITUS, KYLE CEASE, BIL DWYER, JIMMY BROGAN, TIM JOYCE, ADAM GROPMAN and your "GTA" hosts! Just $20 adv/$25 door! Ticket sales http://bit.ly/GTARCOV
May 19, 2011
May 5, 2011
Perhaps our funniest ever, providing 1000s of laughs thanks to our discussion of the Bin Laden kill, Facebook arguments, naked escapees from Chinese whore houses, our Summer Movie preview, disgusting fights involving oatmeal and bodily orifices, and amazing guests Adam Gropman, Mark Ellis, Kristian Harloff of the Schmoes know and legendary comedian Christopher Titus.
April 28, 2011
We return to Meltdown for our second amazing live-audience taping! This month's show features six-time "Tonight Show" comic Sean Cullen, as well as Upright Citizens Brigade co-founder Ian Roberts, Comedy Central/ Jimmy Kimmel star J. Chris Newberg, the Comedy Store's Rus Gutin and Alli Breen of NYC's Gotham, as they perform standup sets before being given a hilarious interview by the hosts
April 21, 2011
Our guests tonight are comedy legends Eddie Pepitone and Bil Dwyer (the host of “Battlebots”!) and Maria Bamford, with the lovely and talented Merrill Davis also bringing the funny. And just wait til you see their guest Ford Austin, as he brings a clip in from his demented cult classic “Dahmer vs. Gacy”, and other surprise guests throughout the show, including the Comedy Store’s hottest new star Rus Gutin!
April 14, 2011
Trevor Moore, Sam Brown, Zach Cregger and Darren Trumeter of The Whitest Kids U Know make an EXCLUSIVE appearance to discuss their 5th and final season on IFC. Also New Jersey's Bad Boy Mike Marino comes in and tells us what his platform would be as president.
April 7, 2011
A Very Special Episode of Grand Theft Audio - The Jake, Brant and Carl show, We discuss the potential Government shutdown, the launch of Obama's reelection campaign and more with STEPHEN KRUISER of Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld Plus the awesome and talented Katie Massa Kennedy Gotta catch this one.
March 31, 2011
Fresh off of writing the new Pee Wee Herman movie, Paul Rust joins us to talk How he got cast in  I Love You Beth Cooper, song writing and working with your boyhood idol. Also Kelly Carlin, Fellow New Dissident Radio host, comes on the show and we discuss Liberal philosiphies, American Idol and  escaping her fathers shadow. The GTA crew cover Obama's broken promises, Charlie Sheen's non sellout, plus an all new Vagina News. A good one as always.
March 24, 2011
An AMAZING episode tonight, from the greatest cult film of all time, "THE ROOM" we have THE legendary TOMMY WISEAU, GREG SISTERO and ROBYN OSBORNE PARIS!!!! We also get into how Jake made men happy in bed in jail, two new sporting world records, and the President rapist. Good times.
March 17, 2011
Tom Franck joins us for the longest guest segment we have ever had on the show. His pop culture insight is well worth the cost of this episode(free as always). Chizeck it izout rizight nizow.
March 10, 2011
Kyle Cease, Dr. Larry Shutz and Standup comic Andrew Sleighter were all on this weeks show. Brain injuries, overcoming odds and messing around for two hours of awesomeness.
March 3, 2011
Sexy time as Susanna Lee walks us through the differences between stripping and burlesque, Dana Gould regales with stories from the Vanity Fair Oscars party and the Simpsons. Also Jake figures out a way to make Clarence Thomas finally start talking.
February 24, 2011
Welcome to my our class Listener. Obey our rules and we should be able to enjoy our time together. Grab a seat with special guest Mark Ellis at the back of the class.
February 17, 2011
The hilarious and legendary Bill Dwyer of "Battlebots" and the "Tonight Show" , plus Jennifer Murphy of 'Last Comic Standing, Comics Unleashed and her own TLC special! This episode gets wild.
February 10, 2011
THREE (3!!!) KICKASS FUNNY GUESTS on GTA this week: comedy superstar IAN BAGG, and red hot rising stars ALLI BREEN and RENEE GAUTHIER!!!

February 3, 2011
Getting off to a smooth start to the month of love,  a special MUSIC NIGHT with the fantastic band Spiritual Mathematics (they have two songs in "The Fighter" and just scored a documentary Oprah bought at Sundance for her network!) and Gary Eaton of Kingsizemaybe and formerly of Continental Drifters
January 27, 2011
Badd  Azz times this episode with EDDIE PEPITONE (Who will be joining us at our February 19th live show) and The hilarious BRYAN CORK!!
January 20, 2011
One of Comedy Central's Top Ten to Watch for 2011 Kyle Kinane and Comedy Store star Nick Youssef are ready to bring the funny in the GTA zone. Government upheaval, a 2nd chance for Linda McMahon, and Industrial hemp all are given the business.
January 13, 2011
Jake starts the show off with a bang. and gets the gang into a discussion about the fallout of the Tuscon shootings. Comedy writer Brian Mccann joins us for 40 minutes of insightful hilarity that comes with writing for the hottest comedies TV has had to offer from SNL to Conan. Get more Raisin! The legalization of Industrial Hemp and the return of Vagina News!
January 6, 2011
Back from Christmas vacation the guys find themselves back in studio with Upright Citizens Brigade founder Matt Walsh who talks Disneyland Madness, the Beardown podcast, the Real Housewives of insert "Glamourous" city name and his upcoming story arc on Outsourced. We hear all about Carl's trip to the grand Canyon and Vegas, then Carl leaves and Brant and Jake have to figure out how to fill an hour on their own. How does it go?
December 16, 2010
Carl shows up late and has to deal with Jake and Brant's heckling. Guests this week are stand up Mark Ellis of the Schmoes Know movie review show and internationally famous comedian Eddie Ifft talks about security/flying in other countries, using good and evil to control the masses and his assertion that other countries know there are no terrorists. The GTA crew dissects the miraculous school board shooting, our Christmas/New Years plans, Miley Cyrus smoking Salvia, and a daring Vegas rivalry.
December 2, 2010
To blackmail or not to blackmail. Jake is back from his wedding and honeymoon with stories galore. Guests this week include Allen Olson story teller extraordinare on jobs and comedy legend Wendy Liebman goes in 20 directions with us. We get into it over Mexican strip clubs, cheating wives, the awfulness of SNL these days, and what hole Jake would take it in for an aircraft carrier.
November 4, 2010
Adam Richmond joins the Kings Of Internet Radio to talk the ease of finding marijuana, McDonald's, Flash frozen beef patties, the Cookie Monster, and much more. We are also joined by Claudia Wells from back To The Future and she tells never before told stories from the set. Heavy.
November 3, 2010
"ELECTION NEGLECT ION: An Evening of Procrastinated Prognostication featuring Congressmen, Senators and Weed - Oh My!" the "GRAND THEFT AUDIO" special  with special guests GREG FITZSIMMONS, SHANG and JODI MILLER, plus TIM JOYCE from BUFFALO, AARON PROCTOR from Philly, and faux fringe candidate DR. BOBBY WITTENBERG OF THE GUERRILLA PARTY!!
October 28, 2010
Congressional Candidate Stephen Smith, and Chris Nichols Associate Editor of Los Angeles Magazine join the GTA crew this week
October 21, 2010
Jason Stuart joins us and talks about the very important subject of gay bullying. Also Making his record setting 5th appearance, the shows favorite guest, rising standup superstar Rus Gutin
October 20, 2010
On a very special Wednesday edition hear UCB founder Matt Besser and Brett Gelman his co-star of the new Comedy Central show "This Show Will get you High" Also Premium Blend comic Darren Carter, and a great track from Dead Blonde Girlfriend. Going to be a great one.
October 14, 2010
The Voice of Spongebob Squarepants Tom Kenny and from The Sarah Silverman Show and CrossBalls Jonah Ray. We "celebrate" the Chilean mine rescue,  Al-Qaeda magazines "How To Kill Americans" and the Ice House 50th anniversary show. Oh yeah Carl has a freakout over a tiny widdle spider.
October 7, 2010
Jay Davis of Dane Cook's Tourgasm. Ruben Paul from Comic View and Comics Unleashed. We discuss the Duke Fuck List, haunted houses, drug and stripper addicted federal judges, 3 more G.T.A. Mother of the Year finalists.
September 30, 2010
Film maker Ford Austin comes in to talk about an incredible globe trotting month for Dahmer Vs. Gacy. We also have 2 pot dealers that come in to talk about how the legalization of marijuana is going to affect their lives. Whitman maid debate, Allan Grayson lies, Nazi Skinhead Jews, and just how dumb Americans are when it comes to religion all on this episode.
September 23, 2010
Paula Bel (Last Comic Standing, Tonight Show, Full Frontal Comedy) partakes in the raunchiest conversation ever on Grand Theft Audio Radio. The Premiere of Stephen Smith's campaign song. Celebration of the 6 month anniversary of Obamacare, DIY To Catch A Predator, and soooooo much more. Check it out.
September 16, 2010
Paul F. Tompkins (VH1s Best Week Ever, Mr. Show with Bob and David, Tenacious D)  and Michael Amico join the 2nd show on New Dissident Radio.com This weeks Grand Rundown- Burqa Bans, Carl's real life run in with a woman wearing one, Obama's new Children's book, the homogenization of classic cartoons, George Michaels latest arrest, some other stuff, just listen.
September 9, 2010
Our first show on New Dissident Radio.com. Brings in an awesome first time guest in Ian Edwards (Def Comedy Jam, Show Time at the Apollo, PUNK'D, writer on The Boondocks) Not only masters of the relaxed yet focused interview, the GTA crew adeptly cover the California Governor's race & the quran non-burning. But also play around with the wrongness that are Sexual Monopoly, Rodney King's love life,  and opens his eyes to find a Mexican guy  and so much more.